This is my first post so I don’t know a lot about blogging. But lets cut to the chase, here’s what happens in most movies there is ether an innocent person and/or hero(S)=] and there’s a villain(s)=(. The good guy wins and/or gets the girl and the bad guy loses and/or dies or turn good. And I hate it its the same thing over and over and over just in different forms.


The thing that really bugs me  about movies is that each story line is the same for the heroes, it’s about delivering justice and helping the innocent. For the villain it is pretty much revenge or something similar. I mean come on be creative it took you all this time making a movie and you can’t even come up with a decent storyline.


In case you don’t think I’m right here are a lot of movies with what I was saying. The Incredibles, Chicken Little,  Big Hero 6, Frozen, Tangled, The Book of Life, Space Jam I could go on and on but my point is people spend millions of bucks and they either don’t take the time to think up a good story for the characters or they just are not creative enough to think up new unique ideas which in my opinion is even more disappointing PERIOD