First of all I would like to give a special thanks to Anna and Francis for being my first subscribers! Now all my fans are probably  all when is Miles going to make a new post!?!? Now here’s the thing… I have been having writers block and let me tell you first hand it sucks. I want to blog I need to blog I love to blog but I can’t! Come on God I love blogging it’s my hobby what did blogging ever do to you?

 Put yourself in my shoes (even though they are probably to small for you) and take something you love whether it is sports or art and  imagine you can’t do it but you want to… you love it. It is what you do in your free time then your ability goes on lock down and it just disappears. So what would you do (if you have an answer please comment) and actually take some time to think about it.

Then one day it dawned on me I was having writers block but what better subject to write about than writers block and that is why wrote this post PERIOD