Thank you post

everyone from auntie bean to some random person in Alaska thank you for subscribing, looking, and liking my blog thank you Jamie and Arlene for the candle witch i am writing with right now. thank you francis and Anna for being my first subscribers. Thank you Amy for that long and extremely well written comment thank you Karen  for every thing you do for me.and finally thanks Mom and Hamps for starting my blog!-) love ya! every body out there THANK YOU!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Thank you post

  1. I used to LOVE to write. It was my thing. Words, words, words, their definitions, nuances, moulding them to make them mine – I loved at all. I still do, but in a forgotten kind of way, like your first dog or the sun/scent/color of a day that at nine you say you’ll remember forever.

    I can’t thank you enough for inviting me to love again.❤️


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