Probably most of my readers and subscribers are adults (if you would like to subscribe you need to do it on a computer, not your phone…hint, hint). You probably know the feeling of when your kid wants to go to Target and buy a remote-controlled helicopter or a talking doll or whatever. Then the second you get home your child:

A. Plays with his or her toy and keeps it for years to come.

B.  Crashes the  helicopter or gets home with the doll (alive) and you press a button and it says “I love you” then you press it again and it says…!!!” I love you” and you realize it’s a piece of junk putting your kid(s) in a deep pit of emotional  despair.

or C. they play with it for a while then get bored and bug you to buy different toy.

 ( The scenario is most commonly B.)

But there are good toys like Magic and Yu-gi-oh or a stuffed animal. I never got bored of my cards or my stuffed kitty named Mittens. ( Parents and kids should NEVER trust ads) I still have my slingshot and my wooden bow staff and my skim board ( called Skimmy). You see, those are the  A. toyskitty-with-stuffed-kitty-with-stuffed-kitty.jpgs.

When you go to a store dont let your kid get a B. toy!

Now what was your favorite toy when you were a kid? And what did you like about it?


2 thoughts on “Toys

  1. One of my favourite toys was the Lite-Brite that Lisa and I had. That baby fired up every time! And you KNOW how much I LOVE Christmas. Well, let’s just say, if I was having the summer blues with Christmas lights being months away, I would just fire up the Lite-Brite and it was like Christmas in July! But, to your point, most of my good memories from childhood involve games we played together like cards, Whiffle ball, shooting hoops, board games, skits, gymnastics in the living room, and, of course, Pit. Also, I had a lop eared bunny stuffed animal for years and years and years from my Auntie Tracy and I did enjoy my colour coded filing box where I had all my stuffed animals alphabetised by named and crossed referenced by genus. But, I digress. Mine was a long and vocal childhood that touched of many, I’m told. I also have a few good memories of my dad almost setting the neighbourhood ablaze with his 4th of July firework antics and handing off more than a few flaming Piccolo Pete’s to one very small moi. Today, I’m thankful to still have my hands to be typing this. Ah, the good old days before people would take away your kids for stunts like that…sigh.


  2. I too had a light bright….and that used to keep me occupied for hours. My favorite toy wasn’t what I had but what I wished I had. All I wanted was an easy bake oven! I even used to promote it to my mom and grandparents using the “it will help me learn to cook” line. Obviously I never got one and I still feel very strongly that I would be using that puppy to this day!!! I didn’t ask for toys as much as the average kid; mainly because I knew money was tight and well…if they could get it for me they would. Actually, I have a very vivid memory of Christmas morning some long time ago. Wait let me set this up for you…. I had mentioned that a Nintendo 64 would be cool to have. After my early November birthday gifts were a bust. I was stalking this suspicious box that looked like it could be the 64. Christmas morning I couldn’t wait to get that box open and decided I would save the best for last. IT WAS AN ELECTRIC BLANKET!!!!! Christmas was never the same. I never asked for a toy or anything specific after that and decided if I wanted it, i was gonna have to get it myself. I still to this day hold a flame for the easy bake oven and have not played a video since.


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