Probably most of my readers and subscribers are adults (if you would like to subscribe you need to do it on a computer, not your phone…hint, hint). You probably know the feeling of when your kid wants to go to Target and buy a remote-controlled helicopter or a talking doll or whatever. Then the second you get home your child:

A. Plays with his or her toy and keeps it for years to come.

B.  Crashes the  helicopter or gets home with the doll (alive) and you press a button and it says “I love you” then you press it again and it says…!!!” I love you” and you realize it’s a piece of junk putting your kid(s) in a deep pit of emotional  despair.

or C. they play with it for a while then get bored and bug you to buy different toy.

 ( The scenario is most commonly B.)

But there are good toys like Magic and Yu-gi-oh or a stuffed animal. I never got bored of my cards or my stuffed kitty named Mittens. ( Parents and kids should NEVER trust ads) I still have my slingshot and my wooden bow staff and my skim board ( called Skimmy). You see, those are the  A. toyskitty-with-stuffed-kitty-with-stuffed-kitty.jpgs.

When you go to a store dont let your kid get a B. toy!

Now what was your favorite toy when you were a kid? And what did you like about it?