Do you know what I hate about school? They teach us  stuff we already know like the fact that Hillary is running against Trump. They would rather teach us useless pieces of information, than things we actually need to know and, lets be honest, when I get out there in the real world is anybody going to care who Lincoln’s  secretary was? (And don’t act like you know who it is because you don’t !) I mean, math is okay because it is essential for life but seriously they teach more stuff we don’t need to know than stuff we want/need to know. I’d like to know how to open a bank account, manage finances, use a credit card and balance a checkbook. It is sad..I  wish the teachers realized do these kids really need to know who the 8th president was ?(It’s Martin Van Buren). Kids should be able to know what will get them them  through life not  who  Abe’s  secretary  was, so what did you like/hate about school when you were little?