Okay I have one question. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!!!!!! How did we end up with Donald Trump as the president of the U.S.? What was America thinking when we voted for probably the least qualified person who has ever run for president over one of the most qualified people ever to run for president?

Do you know what I think? I think that in 4 years everyone is going to come crying back to Hillary begging for her to run again, and guess what? She is going to run again and we will realize that all along she was supposed be president. But all we can do now is wait until Trump goes to jail or we have to wait four years whichever comes first.

the end

3 thoughts on “how

  1. Dear Miles, I share your despondency over the election. If you are right and Hillary runs again after losing the democratic nomination to Obama in 2008 and losing to Trump in 2016 she will surely have my vote, as that will be proof of just how much she wants the job and what a hard worker she is. Meanwhile, if the political scene gets too heated for you in the US, instead of headed for refuge in Canada which seems to be gridlocked with new immigrants fleeing the States, might I recommend heading west into the South Pacific toward a little island group called Fiji? If you come by plane, just ask for Opal Nhono and someone will bring you to me. If by boat, you just need the initials just O. N.


  2. Miles, I see your point, but Donald Trump hasn’t done ANYTHING bad, and even your fellow democratic liberals say that. And tell me how Trump should go to jail, just because he sexually harassed some girl, which I am not saying is good, but Hillary has done far worse, such as not using her highly classified email account, and using her account, which is very easy to hack, she used the gmail account for classified information, could’ve gotten hacked and then boom, highly classified info distributed to everybody in the country. And I hate it when people say “If Trump wins, i’m moving outside the US.” And then Trump wins, and none of these scum bags actually move. I hope you see my point. See you in class

    Have a good Summer–


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