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my final post

ear family and friends i am sorry to say that this will be the very last post of my blog. Why, you ask? simply because my muse has left me .I found it fun at the beginning but i feel no need to express myself though blogging anymore so this is it… andddddd my final post will beeeeeeeee..!

                                     Middle School!

so i have only been in middle school for like two weeks and what i have learned is

1. having five teachers is way better than one because, you never get bored with the same old stuff and or people!

2. recess is a lot less fun than i remember it being because there is no play structures or boards to use and whenever you try to do a spot everyone just wastes the whole recess drafting teams and arguing!

  and get way less homework than they say so elementery scholars don’t worry!



Dear fans, I know that I have not posted in a long time but that is because my friend Jack and I have been making a comic book ! Its called the Adventures of Baby Cow. Its about a 4 year old cow named Baby Cow (bc for short ) who is kind of a little brat and he hates baths and bed, his 22 year old brother  Nicholus who is always on a device and HATES to be called Nick, and then there’s the  dad, Ziggy who is a billionaire because he invented chocolate milk and some other nifty inventions. So I decided to post our comics on my blog! Click the image to read our comics!

P.S grunkle punnibear is the side commenter/joke maker



Okay I have one question. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!!!!!! How did we end up with Donald Trump as the president of the U.S.? What was America thinking when we voted for probably the least qualified person who has ever run for president over one of the most qualified people ever to run for president?

Do you know what I think? I think that in 4 years everyone is going to come crying back to Hillary begging for her to run again, and guess what? She is going to run again and we will realize that all along she was supposed be president. But all we can do now is wait until Trump goes to jail or we have to wait four years whichever comes first.

the end


 Miles’ dictionary. Donald Trump: a racist, sexist being with absolutely no experience in governing of any kind. Also he never smiles, says “WRONG!!” every ten seconds while Hillary is talking, and never shuts up!!!!!! =-(((  (And he has 3 chins)

Miles’ dictionary. Hillary Clinton: a do gooder who has every concern for black people and women, was Secretary of State and has tons of experience in every kind of governing. Always wears a smile and gives other people chances to speak =-) #hillaryisdabomb

your choice who will you pick for president (especially you, Karen)?

hint. pick Hillary.


Do you know what I hate about school? They teach us  stuff we already know like the fact that Hillary is running against Trump. They would rather teach us useless pieces of information, than things we actually need to know and, lets be honest, when I get out there in the real world is anybody going to care who Lincoln’s  secretary was? (And don’t act like you know who it is because you don’t !) I mean, math is okay because it is essential for life but seriously they teach more stuff we don’t need to know than stuff we want/need to know. I’d like to know how to open a bank account, manage finances, use a credit card and balance a checkbook. It is sad..I  wish the teachers realized do these kids really need to know who the 8th president was ?(It’s Martin Van Buren). Kids should be able to know what will get them them  through life not  who  Abe’s  secretary  was, so what did you like/hate about school when you were little?

dear danger

this is my advice post you post a question I  post a answer. Under one condition you have to type dear danger before you type your question to me and yes I will always have an answer (thats right Amy  ) no matter what. you will get a answer every time!!!!


                your favorite blogger

M!Le$ d@Nger th0m@$.

Thank you post

everyone from auntie bean to some random person in Alaska thank you for subscribing, looking, and liking my blog thank you Jamie and Arlene for the candle witch i am writing with right now. thank you francis and Anna for being my first subscribers. Thank you Amy for that long and extremely well written comment thank you Karen  for every thing you do for me.and finally thanks Mom and Hamps for starting my blog!-) love ya! every body out there THANK YOU!!!!!


Probably most of my readers and subscribers are adults (if you would like to subscribe you need to do it on a computer, not your phone…hint, hint). You probably know the feeling of when your kid wants to go to Target and buy a remote-controlled helicopter or a talking doll or whatever. Then the second you get home your child:

A. Plays with his or her toy and keeps it for years to come.

B.  Crashes the  helicopter or gets home with the doll (alive) and you press a button and it says “I love you” then you press it again and it says…!!!” I love you” and you realize it’s a piece of junk putting your kid(s) in a deep pit of emotional  despair.

or C. they play with it for a while then get bored and bug you to buy different toy.

 ( The scenario is most commonly B.)

But there are good toys like Magic and Yu-gi-oh or a stuffed animal. I never got bored of my cards or my stuffed kitty named Mittens. ( Parents and kids should NEVER trust ads) I still have my slingshot and my wooden bow staff and my skim board ( called Skimmy). You see, those are the  A. toyskitty-with-stuffed-kitty-with-stuffed-kitty.jpgs.

When you go to a store dont let your kid get a B. toy!

Now what was your favorite toy when you were a kid? And what did you like about it?


writers block

First of all I would like to give a special thanks to Anna and Francis for being my first subscribers! Now all my fans are probably  all when is Miles going to make a new post!?!? Now here’s the thing… I have been having writers block and let me tell you first hand it sucks. I want to blog I need to blog I love to blog but I can’t! Come on God I love blogging it’s my hobby what did blogging ever do to you?

 Put yourself in my shoes (even though they are probably to small for you) and take something you love whether it is sports or art and  imagine you can’t do it but you want to… you love it. It is what you do in your free time then your ability goes on lock down and it just disappears. So what would you do (if you have an answer please comment) and actually take some time to think about it.

Then one day it dawned on me I was having writers block but what better subject to write about than writers block and that is why wrote this post PERIOD

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