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you have the great amazing super fun never want to leave  vacations and then you have the vacations where you go some where awesome and just so happen to end up getting sick. then once you get better you have to leave ( thanks a million god ) and end up being miserable for the whole ride back.

or you spend the week splashing in the warm water and going to a tropical restaurant at the beach and going back to your house where you play games and drink beer ,jungle bird, and Arnold palmers until 11:00. then you wake up and walk out to the beach and do all again.

but the worst part of vacations good or bad is when you have to go home. if you had a good no great time its like leaving heaven. and if you had a bad right when you have to leave thing start going great like you make a friend or start enjoying the beach and other stuff like that. i rest my case.



honesty the second worst part of aquariums is what you do. you walk around the exhibits and see caged up animals that were taken from there homes in nature and used for entertainment. you might be asking whats the first worst thing? the first is that you are walking around the aquarium not realizing any of this.

one  way the aquarium is terrible is that if you are an adult is is super expensive i mean just go to a movie i bet the family would like it more ( side note:the secret life of pets is super good). if you are a kid you are ether thinking ooooohhhhhh!!! or when do we get out of this place.

then once you start leaving you see a water show or a fountain or a manta ray and then you have to go back home where you wish you could be a the aquarium. and then the next time you want to go  your parent take you and then you get interested in the manta ray for like five seconds and then you get bored. and every thing else you came here to see is gone and then you have to do every thing all over again PERIOD

bucket list

   this is not an opinion post its just sort of like an about  post. okay so at first i thought a bucket list was a list of things you want to put in a bucket. and i thought who would have a list of things they want to put in a bucket.then Owen ( my big brother ) said it i on my bucket list to beat dad in tennis and i  said what! then Owen said a bucket list is a list of things you want to do in your life and i  thought why dont you make the name rellevant!

my list

notice i did not call it a bucket list. okay heres my list better than john at ping pong

2.get a perfect report card

3.write 50 poems 6 down 44 to go

4.learn how to cook

5.go to alaska




okay first of all, everybody out there who thought all kids like disneyland you were wrong (with a capital W)! Disneyland is horrible and  a lot of you may disagree but i respect that. The thing i don’t respect is this website is called glass half empty and when you see a column thats titled “disneyland” why even bother reading it  because there is obviously going to be pessimistic remarks.

the three reasons

Reason one: you get to walk around a giant amusement park eating nothing but hot dogs and pink lemonade.. yay. Reason two: while at the park you waste even more money going on rides that last 30 minutes tops then you go get toys that end up getting broken or lost what fun.  Reason three: after a long day you go back to your cheap two room hotel and get to sleep on the floor PERIOD






This is my first post so I don’t know a lot about blogging. But lets cut to the chase, here’s what happens in most movies there is ether an innocent person and/or hero(S)=] and there’s a villain(s)=(. The good guy wins and/or gets the girl and the bad guy loses and/or dies or turn good. And I hate it its the same thing over and over and over just in different forms.


The thing that really bugs me  about movies is that each story line is the same for the heroes, it’s about delivering justice and helping the innocent. For the villain it is pretty much revenge or something similar. I mean come on be creative it took you all this time making a movie and you can’t even come up with a decent storyline.


In case you don’t think I’m right here are a lot of movies with what I was saying. The Incredibles, Chicken Little,  Big Hero 6, Frozen, Tangled, The Book of Life, Space Jam I could go on and on but my point is people spend millions of bucks and they either don’t take the time to think up a good story for the characters or they just are not creative enough to think up new unique ideas which in my opinion is even more disappointing PERIOD


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