writers block

First of all I would like to give a special thanks to Anna and Francis for being my first subscribers! Now all my fans are probably  all when is Miles going to make a new post!?!? Now here’s the thing… I have been having writers block and let me tell you first hand it sucks. I want to blog I need to blog I love to blog but I can’t! Come on God I love blogging it’s my hobby what did blogging ever do to you?

 Put yourself in my shoes (even though they are probably to small for you) and take something you love whether it is sports or art and  imagine you can’t do it but you want to… you love it. It is what you do in your free time then your ability goes on lock down and it just disappears. So what would you do (if you have an answer please comment) and actually take some time to think about it.

Then one day it dawned on me I was having writers block but what better subject to write about than writers block and that is why wrote this post PERIOD

10 thoughts on “writers block

  1. Way to flip it and reverse it Miles. When I am in a slump in my writing (I have a blog), I have to write through it .. just write something! That is my mantra. I can “fix” it later (or not). Your post is perfect, inspiring and funny. Just like you.


  2. I’m with your Mom, Miles. Boy, am I ever! That was a masterful solution to writer’s block. Write about it! Yes. From what I read about writing and creativity, the hardest part is showing up to try. All the magic happens, after you sit your butt down and begin. Begin in anyway possible.
    I love the sentence about your shoes being too small!

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  3. Well, young grasshopper, you are addressing a subject all too familiar to the fellow tortured souls for whom writing is our craft. You asked for considered replies, and no doubt we will talk further about this affliction as the years go on. But, for now, I will try not to digress or wax philosophic but limit my response to constructive advice should your shoes (similarly sized to mine these days, I wager) find themselves down this path again, having heroically cracked the case like a modern day Sherlock Holmes the first time through. But what to do the next time your fingers are frozen over your keyboard like a raven’s claws locked in the rigour mortis of the doomed? When you want them to move with dexterity, grace and confidence like a concert pianist tickling the ivories to make sweet music but despite the plea from your brain they hover over the keys like a frustrated rain cloud? There is no better time than this as an aspiring writer to build your own library. Samuel Johnson wrote, “The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book” As you read, you become inspired by other artists in your craft. You become curious as to how they managed to convey a subtlety that you have yet to illustrate in your work to your own satisfaction. You will learn what styles of writing you like and don’t like and this will strengthen your own voice and help to hone your talent. You are fortunate, Miles to already have a unique and strong voice in your writing. Good, clear diction is hard to come by. First piece of advice, read more! Second piece of advice (and this one is a recipe for your sanity as well) begin to look at life as fodder for your art. If, like many writers and artists before you, you struggle to find meaning in the monotony of daily existence and find yourself despondent, on-the-outside-looking-in, suffering from the feeling that everyone else seems to find life satisfactory or finds it easier to participate in most activities than you do, or finds contentment in things that feel empty to you and you are left wondering what is wrong with you that you can’t just be carefree like everyone else seems to be, then that is where your art becomes your outlet and your learning ground to make sense of the world around you and your authentic place in it. And it might just keep you from going crazy and even bring you joy. Just as you are doing, Miles. The activities and things that would normally be frustrating or conflicting for you internally are given voice and expression and eventual release…Sometimes, through humour. Sometimes through poignant observation, sometimes through keen intellectual prowess and sometimes just by being brave enough to dare to speak your mind. Writing about my observations in life is how I narrowly survived adolescence continues to help me get out of bed in the morning and the study of writing led to meeting other misunderstood aspiring artists who have become some of the best friends and company I could ask for in life. So, second piece of advice is to make art out of life. As Eric Hoffer said, “Creativity is discontent translated into arts.” That’s some Glass Half Empty stuff right there. I will close with my last piece of advice which is to let your writer’s block make you brave. When you are stuck, sometimes it is because you are actually out of things to write about, which means you have some living to do. That means having experiences outside your comfort zone, going places that scare you, physically and emotionally. Talking to people about things that are difficult. But often that’s where the next story is waiting for you. Just beyond what you already know and understand, the mystery is waiting. It is calling to you and you can feel it just beyond your grasp. You are attracted. You are being drawn toward it, you can almost touch it. You sense that is has things to teach you and tell you that you are longing to understand. Go then, young Jedi, follow that mystery, the Force is strong with you.

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  4. I love this post. Such great advice for writers and bloggers everywhere! I like how passionate you are about blogging and how you share about having writer’s block being so hard when you LOVE to blog. Just because you love to do something doesn’t mean it always comes easy.


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